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What is Counselling and how can it help?

Counselling is an opportunity to explore and work through any challenges you may be facing. Counselling can help you as it offers a safe and confidential space where a person who is specially trained can support you through implementing change.

I’ve never been to counselling before: How do I know what to talk about?

During counselling sessions you can talk about anything you wish to bring to sessions, there is no set formula. During your initial assessment we will discuss what you would like to address and work through during counselling.

What can I expect in the first session?

During your first session an assessment will be completed. This assessment is a way in which you and Rachel can see if you are able to work therapeutically together. This first session will also include signing a contract, consent and confidentiality form.

How long does counselling take on average?

Counselling is a very individual process, therefore there is no one size fits all number of sessions. However if you feel time-limited counselling is more appropriate for you please discuss this with Rachel.

What about confidentiality, is it true that counselling is completely private and nothing can be revealed outside of the counselling room?

Counselling is a completely confidential process, however, confidentiality does have some limitations. The limits of confidentiality would include if a client discloses something that makes a counsellor feel they are at risk of harm. During your initial assessment session Rachel will fully explain the limits of confidentiality.

I would like for my child to come and see you though I will be funding the counselling. Will I receive reports on how his/her sessions are progressing?

Due to client confidentiality Rachel is unable to discuss what your child has shared during their counselling sessions. Rachel can however let you know if your child is engaging with the counselling process.

My partner/parent does not know I’m coming for counselling. If they call and ask you a direct question will you reveal this to them?

In order for a young person to access counselling without their parent/carer's consent they must be aged 13 and above. Please contact Rachel if you are a young person wanting to access counselling but your parent/carer is unaware. If you are a young person or adult accessing counselling with Rachel she will maintain confidentiality and therefore would never disclose information to partners/parents.

Can I bring someone along, such as a partner or parent/carer?

Clients may wish to be accompanied by relatives or friends to sessions. However, relatives and friends cannot be present in the counselling room.

My schedule changes each week, would I need to come every week at the same time?

Ideally counselling sessions will be held on the same day and at the same time every week, however you can discuss your individual requirements during your initial assessment session.

Is there disabled access available?

Disabled access is available at our Malvern office only.

Where are your offices located? Do you have a map?

We have two offices in Worcestershire. Our main office is in Worcester City Centre, a few minutes from Foregate Street Station. Our Malvern office is based in a small villiage which lies beneath the southern end of the Malvern Hills. You can find a map to each of our offices here.

Is there free parking available?

There is free parking available at our Malvern office only.